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Carcinoid Cancer Discussions

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Hi, I'm Judith F.
Rebecca, did you get the results of the ultrasound? Praying that it was indeed benign or possibly just a fibroid cyst. I also would think that while on chemo that it would not have spread to the ot...
  • Sat Dec 28, 2013 ·
Hi, I'm Gayle N P.
My wife suffers from the Leg Pain after Chemo, esp when Avastin is used. She uses Voltaran, I rub her calves and under her knees and it seems to help. She also uses Norco as a Pain killer, but the ...
  • Sat Dec 28, 2013 · Like2
I'm Tracy L H., and I'm a survivor of Metastatic Brain Cancer with a Known Origin
I do see your post. Site is a little confusing at first.
  • Sat Dec 21, 2013 · Like1
I'm ADELE F., and I'm a survivor of Lung Cancer
Chemo and Radiation was fine for me....I did 5 times of chemo....every 21 days....Then I did chemo every week and 23 days of radiation.....I am in remission....But I have a lump on my neck....Lets ...
  • Sun Dec 15, 2013 · Like2
I'm dave, and I'm an AML/MDS cancer survivor
Sofia -- the question has to be unasked. You are not tasting the chemo. You are suffering from the effects of your good blood cells being killed by the chemo. It has the most profound effect to ...
  • Sat Dec 14, 2013 ·
Hi, I'm Michael F.
Christine, Mike's wife. ABSOLUTELY!! I can't tell you how the great attitude helps. It is unbelievable how he is handling it, when I want to suck my thumb in the corner and cry, HE is the cheerl...
  • Fri Dec 13, 2013 · Like7
I'm Victoria; surviving throid and Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
This is the first time I have seen anything about the neuropathy. I thought I was the only one!!! I am taking gabapentin, 3 times a day, 400 mg each time. When I am physically active, I notice a...
  • Sat Dec 7, 2013 · Like5
I'm dave, and I'm an AML/MDS cancer survivor
Jeff -- if your wife were in your situation, wouldn't you want to be her care giver? Jesus said "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Another way of stating this is "allow others t...
  • Sat Dec 7, 2013 · Like4
Hi, I'm Michael F.
Christine, Mike's wife. Stage 4 colon cancer. 2 rounds of chemo, with radiation, 3 operations. he is now on avastin and Xeloda for life. he does get the pins and needles but not bad, and he doe...
  • Mon Dec 2, 2013 · Like4
Hi I'm Andy and always keen to chat with anyone at all!
Bettie LA hi. I haven't had radiotherapy in the tonsil area however the last lot I did have ( I have spinal cancer) they went through my throat to radiate it as the tumour was in the C2-C7 (basical...
  • Mon Dec 2, 2013 ·

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