Engage Patients and Improve Clinical Outcomes with Patient Link

CMS offers incentives for eligible providers or organizations that meet Meaningful Use objectives, with the broader intent of engaging patients and improving clinical outcomes through use of technology. Navigating Cancer’s Patient Link offers a win-win solution. It helps providers improve care in meaningful ways while also fulfilling Stage 1, 2 and 3 requirements.

Key features that support Meaningful Use include:

  • Electronic Access. Provide patients with 24/7 access to view, download or transmit their own health records, including clinical summaries, lab results and medication lists
  • Secure Messaging. Communicate directly with patients to address both clinical and non-clinical needs, such as symptom management or prescription refills
  • Patient Reminders. Send reminders to all or specific patient groups regarding preventative and follow-up care
  • Patient Education. Automate the delivery of personalized information so patients can have an educated discussion with their physician and take an active role in their treatment
  • Compliance and Reporting. Create certified, configurable reports with one simple view to evaluate MU compliance and gain insights down to the physician level.

Navigating Cancer’s Patient Link offers much more than Meaningful Use compliance. With a singular, secure login, patients can organize their care and access the tools, information and support needed to manage their treatment on their own terms. And it works.

We collect feedback from patients on an ongoing basis and hear frequent confirmation that access to information and access to the care team increases patient engagement and satisfaction. One recent comment reflected that, “I can now go back and reference my doctors’ notes and confirm information. I feel more assured that I am doing the right thing for my overall health.” Another said, “It gives me some control over what is happening to me. I can make personal changes…It makes me pause and think about what I need to do for myself.”

Patient Link eliminates the barriers to communication between patient and provider and facilitates shared decision-making so that all patients can become active participants in their care, all of the time. Download a PDF for more detailed information.

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