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Patient Link Feature Spotlight: Patient Education

Patient Education for Navigating Cancer

Navigating Care is the premier patient relationship management platform for oncology-specific healthcare delivery. Patient Link, a product in the platform, serves as an electronic gateway for patients to access their own health record and interact with their care team. Patient Link eliminates the barriers to communication to help facilitate shared decision-making. Patients can  be active participants in their care throughout treatment and beyond. One of the key features of Patient Link is the ability for patients to receive personalized Patient Education and learn on their own terms.

Patient education plays an important role in engagement.

Studies have shown that patients who are more knowledgeable about their diagnosis and treatment are more active participants in the their care, which leads to better outcomes. As patients become more engaged in their healthcare decisions, the delivery of accurate educational materials has never been more important. Patients need personalized information that is easy to access and readily available throughout treatment. Navigating Care provides customized education through the Patient Link portal and combines that with its Healthcare Tracker, which sends a daily text message reminder for patients to check in with their clinic regarding oral adherence and side effects. This two way communication and proactive education encourages engagement and adherence.

With Patient Education, patients are equipped with diagnosis and medication specific information to help them manage their own care. Navigating Care’s automated patient education engine delivers the right information to the patient so they can have an educated discussion with their physician and play an active role in their own care.

Patient Link Education allows patients to:

  • Receive expert resources personalized to their condition to learn about their diagnosis
  • Receive education and resources written by their own clinic
  • Review treatment options to discuss with their provider
  • Learn about their medication and how best to manage any side effects throughout treatment or when it’s time to reach out to their care team

Access to education and information matters to patients.

Providing educational materials directly to the patient ensures timely delivery of accurate information and results in a higher patient satisfaction. A Navigating Cancer survey of over 7,700 cancer patients in 2015 found that 90% of respondents were more likely to read information about their diagnosis and/or medications when they could access it through a patient portal and over 82% felt more satisfied with their care when they had access to personalized data and resources.

In addition to patient satisfaction, delivering the right information to the right patient at the right time results in longer time on therapy. Navigating Cancer found that when patients received adherence education, adherence increased by an average of 14% over six months from initiation of therapy.

Give your patients an important role in their own care – contact us today to learn more.

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