Sarah Croft Honored With 2022 HBA Rising Star Award

Congratulations to Navigating Cancer’s Sarah Croft, the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association’s (HBA) 2022 Rising Star! This award is given to industry professionals who meet the following criteria:

  • Contributes significantly to her organization in numerous areas
  • Exemplifies leadership and is a role model for others
  • Assists those in subordinate or peer positions and is a team player
  • Exhibits dedication to the healthcare industry

We’re proud to select Sarah for this prestigious industry award. It’s a well-deserved recognition for all she does for Navigating Cancer and the entire healthcare industry every day.

“I am honored to be recognized as the 2022 HBA Rising Star for Navigating Cancer,” said Croft. “Product Development is a team sport, and I share this honor with all our incredible teams from product, development, operations, and support to build great products for our clinic staff and patients. It’s exciting to be recognized for areas I am deeply passionate about – leadership, mentorship, and empowering women.” Since joining Navigating Cancer in 2019, Sarah has led product development for Navigating Cancer’s Health Tracker solution, the leading remote patient-monitoring tool for the oncology market.

Recently, Sarah was promoted to Director of Product for her product leadership, commitment, and collaboration. Over the past three years, her product leadership style and passion for impact have advanced the adoption of ePRO solutions for oncology clinics, ultimately supporting patients with tools to get better, more timely care. Similarly, her tenacity and relationship building continuously help Navigating Cancer’s effectiveness as a positive, team-based culture. Sarah is an active mentor, both formally and informally. With a background in learning and passion for career growth, especially for early-career talent, she coaches team members to attain their potential in ways that are relevant, goal-oriented, and self-driven.

Sarah continues to bring her strong customer focus, empathy, and growth mindset to product leadership and development, making it possible for patients to have access to crucial digital health tools.

Thank you, Sarah, for all you do. Your star shines every day here at Navigating Cancer!

Sarah is a born leader, she has empathy and is a great listener. She is organized and prepared, steers meetings towards productivity, and considers both long-term strategies as well as short-term goals and needs. She is an advocate for our patient-facing products, recognizing the benefits these products bring to the quality of life and care for oncology patients”

— Elana Zana, Vice President, Legal and Compliance, Navigating Cancer

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