Closing the loop for symptom management

In the transition to value-based care, symptom management for cancer patients has emerged as a key factor in not only delivering high quality care, but also preventing unnecessary ED visits and hospitalizations. Triage nurses using Navigating Cancer’s Patient Relationship Management platform are able to provide thorough, consistent symptom management over the phone to patients as soon as they need help. As patient issues come in via phone or Health Tracker, they are added to the triage work board in order of severity. This real time information enables the care team to address the most serious issues first.

Added Assistance for Symptom Management

Navigating Cancer has now added one more powerful tool to close the loop with a patient who is dealing with a symptom or side effect at home: Home Care Instructions. After speaking with a patient and providing interventions for symptom management, the care team can send those instructions in writing directly to the patient’s phone, email account or both. If a patient doesn’t write down everything or can’t remember exactly what the nurse said, now they can view the instructions in writing and revisit them whenever they want.

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