On-Demand Webinar: See How Texas Oncology Improved Resolution Times and Reduced Emergencies During Covid—PART 1

Learn about the improvements that Texas Oncology made in their incident resolution times and emergency department visits in a webinar presented by Lalan Wilfong, M.D., Texas Oncology’s Executive Vice President, Value-Based Care and Quality Programs. In part one of our two-part blog series, you’ll see how Navigating Cancer’s Triage system helped the Texas Oncology team work more efficiently and provide quicker responses to patient needs.

Expanding telehealth: what makes sense moving forward?

Advisory Board recently hosted its Oncology Roundtable Virtual Summit with a focus on cancer care after Covid-19. The program started with a question to the audience: “How are you feeling?” Responses included hopeful, proud, overwhelmed, and tired. Clearly cancer care...