Taking a Proactive Approach to Symptom Management

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Advisory Board recently hosted a webinar that reviewed models and technologies that cancer programs have implemented for remote symptom monitoring. The Oncology Roundtable team shared their research and made a compelling business case for introducing remote symptom monitoring in cancer care.  The Importance Symptom Management Unnecessary emergency room (ER) visits and hospitalizations are on ongoing challenge. Advisory Board’s data group … Read More

Measuring Success in Value-Based Care

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Recently Definitive Healthcare hosted a virtual panel for the second session of their panel series focused on measuring success in value-based care. Three panelists from healthcare technology organizations participated and brought their unique perspectives on implementing value-based care initiatives to the conversation. This webinar focused on perspectives on value-based care across healthcare, from payers to providers to patients. Here are … Read More

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Introduction to PRM Technology

Navigating Cancer spent the last 10+ years developing technologies to improve cancer care for patients and providers. Through that time and with the benefit of some really innovative clinical partners, we’ve seen exciting progress in cancer care. We’ve seen: The positive patient impact of targeted, timely information about diagnosis and treatment plans The power of symptom management with triage pathways to … Read More

Succeeding in value-based care requires transformation

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At Navigating Cancer we talk to all different kinds of cancer care providers, including small, community practices, large, multi-location practices, or even hospitals and health systems. They’re all facing similar challenges and regulatory pressures to: Help patients avoid the emergency department and subsequent hospitalizations Monitor and manage oral adherence for chemotherapy Involve the patient in their care via shared-decision making … Read More

The Emerging Challenges in Cancer Care

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Leverage digital tools to improve cancer care

During a session at the recent Advisory Board Oncology Roundtable meeting, Stuart Clark, Managing Director, shared three emerging challenges for cancer care providers: value-based care, clinical innovations, and patient experience. Those likely don’t come as a surprise, but there were some interesting insights provided during the talk, including that the most under appreciated challenge is the rising expectations of patients. … Read More

The value of investing in remote symptom monitoring for your cancer patients

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A recent article from Advisory Board confirms what we’ve been advocating at Navigating Cancer for a while now: remote symptom monitoring is essential for improved patient outcomes. Symptom and side effect management can help reduce costs, improve quality of life, and help patients live longer. Advisory Board cites a recent study from France that supports this idea. The study looked at … Read More

Give your patient engagement efforts a boost

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A central requirement of many value-based programs is patient engagement and cancer care providers have invested significant time and money into engagement efforts. Yet it continues to be a real challenge. Portals are generally underutilized, office visits are short and medical information is complicated. That’s why Navigating Cancer is taking its Patient Relationship Management platform to the next level. Instead … Read More

Closing the loop for symptom management

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In the transition to value-based care, symptom management for cancer patients has emerged as a key factor in not only delivering high quality care, but also preventing unnecessary ED visits and hospitalizations. Triage nurses using Navigating Cancer’s Patient Relationship Management platform are able to provide thorough, consistent symptom management over the phone to patients as soon as they need help. … Read More