Future of Oncology Advanced Payment Models

Stephanie GingerPatient-centered Care, Value-based Care

The shift to value What’s next for oncology advanced payment models? That was the topic one panel tackled at AJMC’s recent Patient Centered Oncology Care Conference. The panel represented the provider, payer, and technology perspectives. There was agreement that the Oncology Care Model, while flawed, was a good first step in redefining cancer care. Rather than churning through patients to … Read More

Keeping up with the rapidly changing landscape of cancer care

Stephanie GingerPatient-centered Care, Value-based Care

The American Journal of Managed Care recently hosted the Patient-Centered Oncology Care Conference in Philadelphia. The theme of this meeting was “Innovation and Quality: New Direction in Value-Based Care” and it was comprised of a full day of presentations from thought leaders and panel discussions with key innovators in cancer care. Advancing Technologies for Cancer Detection and Care To open … Read More

The Emerging Challenges in Cancer Care

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Leverage digital tools to improve cancer care

During a session at the recent Advisory Board Oncology Roundtable meeting, Stuart Clark, Managing Director, shared three emerging challenges for cancer care providers: value-based care, clinical innovations, and patient experience. Those likely don’t come as a surprise, but there were some interesting insights provided during the talk, including that the most under appreciated challenge is the rising expectations of patients. … Read More

The COA Oncology Care Model 2.0 webinar

Susie BaficoNews, Oncology Care Model, Patient-centered Care, Value-based Care

On Friday July 12, 2019, the Community Oncology Alliance (COA) held a webinar to review their proposed plan for the next iteration of the Oncology Care Model (OCM), OCM 2.0. Last month COA announced their full proposal for OCM 2.0, which was submitted to Physician-Focused Payment Model Technical Advisory Committee (PTAC). PTAC reviews the physician payment models for Medicare programs. … Read More

Artificial Intelligence and Community Oncology

Stephanie GingerPatient-centered Care, Value-based Care

The Community Oncology Conference recently featured a panel discussion of organizations piloting an artificial intelligence (AI) program. The discussion opened with John Frownfelter, the Chief Medical Information Officer at JVION, describing the challenges of cancer care today and value-based programs, in particular. Providing the highest quality of care at a lower cost in an increasingly complicated landscape is difficult. In … Read More

An important resource for cancer patients? Other patients.

Stephanie GingerPatient Relationship Management, Patient-centered Care

Last April I wrote about a study that looked at barriers to medication adherence. It concluded that peer-to-peer support can have a positive impact for patients and help them stay on treatment. It caught my eye because Navigating Cancer’s mission is to improve the lives of cancer patients and one of our primary areas we focus on is connecting the … Read More

The Potential of Pathways for Symptom Management

Stephanie GingerPatient-centered Care, Value-based Care

Clinical pathways are one of the main tools employed across health care to manage quality and consistency. They provide practitioners with the tools they need to ensure standardization and deliver efficient, organized, and evidence-based care for every patient. Pathways also reduce the variability of how patients are treated. In cancer care, clinical pathways have been mostly comprised of treatment guidelines … Read More

Give Patients the Tools They Need to Engage

Stephanie GingerPatient Engagement, Patient-centered Care

Navigating Cancer surveys patients using our patient relationship management tools on an ongoing basis. Here is a summation of what they told us between July and September of 2017. The comments they provided are too numerous to include here, but are largely focused on how important access to information and education is to them and their satisfaction with their care. … Read More

A Patient-First Approach: Meet Patients Where They Are

Stephanie GingerPatient-centered Care, Value-based Care

In the world of software development, “mobile-first” is a concept that some companies use as a guiding principle. That means developers consider the mobile user first, designing applications suitable for a small screen with limited detail and then add features and more complicated design elements as the device dimensions get larger. It’s gaining traction as more and more people have … Read More