Connected Healthcare

Enabling Integrated Patient Care with Patient-Centered Portal Design & Implementation

The patient portal is one of the key resources you have in your practice to engage with your patients on a routine basis and help them feel empowered to manage their care. Since 2008, Navigating Cancer has been filling a critical gap in oncology care to create a better patient experience. We created the first patient-centered platform for oncology and expanded the traditional view of the patient portal for oncology into a deep, robust patient relationship management system.

Facing Interoperability Challenges

Interoperability continues to make headlines and proves to be an important element for truly coordinated and connected healthcare. Navigating Cancer is committed to interoperability with other healthcare systems and we have a dedicated team of developers who work to...

Giving Thanks for Health IT Advances

With the week of Thanksgiving upon us, it is time to reflect on what we’re thankful for. One of the most important things to be thankful for is our health and the health of the important people in our lives. The recent healthcare transformation has led to many key...