2020 Medicare physician fee schedule changes and value-based care

Susie BaficoChronic Care Management, MIPS, Value-based Care

In early November 2019, CMS finalized their 2020 Medicare physician fee schedule rule. CMS has set in motion changes that will affect value-based care over the next several years. The final rule addresses future changes for MIPS, including the introduction of MIPS Value Pathways for 2021, chronic care management code changes, and the revised structure for E&M codes. We are … Read More

Why aren’t more doctors billing for Chronic Care Management?

Stephanie LinChronic Care Management, Value-based Care

Get more for the great patient care you already provide. It’s likely you already have processes in place to manage patients with chronic conditions. Those same activities can be used to fund your value-based investments simply by billing for CCM and Navigating Cancer can help. Our patient relationship management software enables you to make the most of CCM with minimal … Read More

Relaxed Requirements for Chronic Care Management (CCM)

Stephanie LinChronic Care Management, Value-based Care

CMS recently came out with new updates to Chronic Care Management (CCM), making it easier to qualify and receive payment for these services. CCM, a program that allows physicians to bill for services furnished for Medicare patients with 2+ chronic conditions, is often overlooked due to the administrative burden it places on clinics. This is one of the easiest places to … Read More

The Rise of PROs

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Cancer care is becoming value-based. Evidence of this evolution is widespread, from the rise of the oncology medical home and the Cancer Care Payment Reform Act H.R. 1934, to successful payer pilots such as UnitedHealthcare’s episode payment model and the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Patient Care Connect Program. In this changing landscape, the interests of cancer patients and healthcare … Read More

Meaningful Use, One Step Closer to Finalization

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The rules for Stage 3 meaningful use, and the potential modifications to Stage 2, moved one step closer to finalization last week when The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) handed them off to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) on September 3rd. One significant change in this final rule would be the reduction of the 2015 reporting … Read More

A Non-Face-to-Face Chronic Care Management Solution, for Patients Too

userCare Management Solution, Chronic Care Management, Patient Engagement

Let’s say I’m a diabetic recently diagnosed with cancer. In the last couple months, I’ve visited multiple clinics (endocrinology, radiology, nutrition, oncology, chronic wounds), plus the ER. As a Medicare beneficiary, my out-of-pocket costs are about $400 a month. Now, my oncologist offers to enroll me in her new Chronic Care Management program. I’m told that for a small addition … Read More