Cancer News: February 2011

Every weekday we track the mainstream news media to see what’s making headlines in the world of cancer and share the most interesting ones with our followers on Twitter. Below is a round up of the cancer news articles that caught our attention in February, with links to the full stories.

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Cancer News: February 2011

  1. Your allergies might protect against brain cancer. (MSNBC)
  2. Experts say simple life changes could prevent 35% of cancer. Eat healthier, drink less, exercise more. (Reuters)
  3. More candor urged in care of dying cancer patients. ASCO creates guide to help families with difficult topic
  4. Good news for breast cancer patients: Some women can keep lymph nodes, avoid painful lymphedema surgery (USA Today)
  5. Balding in your 20s? You could be at increased risk of prostate cancer (Time)
  6. A rare form of dwarfism may hold key to fighting cancer, diabetes and living longer (Time)
  7. The chemicals that give soda its caramel flavor might also cause cancer (Time)
  8. When Patients Share Their Stories, Health May Improve (NY Times)
  9. Study: PSA rise not good prostate cancer predictor (MSNBC)
  10. Cut red meat to lower cancer risk (USA Today)
  11. Study: Microchip spots cancerous tumors within an hour (USA Today)
  12. Best to Start Chemo by 4 Weeks After Colorectal Surgery (Oncology Times)
  13. Why pediatricians want to ban teens from tanning salons (Time)
  14. Having more kids may increase aggressive breast cancer risk (MSNBC)
  15. Fish oil builds muscle mass in cancer patients (MSNBC)

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