Cancer blog round up: caregivers and supporters

This week we shine the spotlight on blog posts from caregivers and supporters of loved ones with cancer. Cancer not only affects those that are diagnosed, but also their circle of friends and family. As outlined below, simple tasks such as shopping for food can take on a new sense of urgency and importance, and the frustration of wanting to do more to help than you can doesn’t help anyone.

For more great blogs from the cancer community, check out our list of over 125 cancer blogs. The list grows weekly, if you have a personal blog about your journey navigating cancer please add it to the list.

Cancer Caregiver and Supporter Blog Posts

  • In her post “I Was a Cancer Snob” Alexandra shares her emotions as a caregiver and laments sometimes the best you can do is try not to be a jerk.
  • Dustin shares insight from his wife’s cancer journey in tips for caregivers in his post “Mr. Can’t Fix It”.
  • Complaining can relieve tension, but if you find yourself feeling like a victim too often, Denise suggests reflecting on all the positives in her post “Kvetching”.
  • Jamie shares the point of “Never Losing Hope” and the forgiveness she experienced during her mother’s cancer treatment.
  • As a supporter, Sandra lists ways to be considerate in her post “Making Time and Being Thoughtful”.

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