Cancer blog roundup week of Nov. 5

November Awareness: Lung & Pancreatic Cancer, Family Caregivers

With a new month comes a new group of cancer types that are running awareness campaigns and fundraisers. It can be tough generating attention after all the focus breast cancer receives in October (and beyond), but there are plenty of other cancer types (unfortunately) that deserve just as much research and awareness.

This month we’ll shine the light on bloggers from the lung and pancreatic cancer communities. It’s also family caregiver month, and we’ll soon be releasing the results of a cancer caregiver survey we conducted in October. Stay tuned.

Lung Cancer bloggers

wtf lung cancerJennifer Windrum kicks off November to promote Lung Cancer Awareness by asking the question “Where’s The Funding for Lung Cancer Research“. Her enthusiastic blog questions how the number one cancer killer can still be the least funded.

Living with lung cancer has spurred Tom Cappiello to blog about his journey. He shares with his readers a story about “How to React to Adversity“.

November brings attention to not only lung cancer, but the role of the caregiver as well. In her blog “Our Trip Fighting Lung Cancer“, Mom posts about new ventures in transportation.

Every savvy marketing person seems to know the color of the breast cancer ribbon. Yet what color signifies lung cancer? Stephanie Haney writes about the imbalance of public awareness and funding in “Pink Bleed”.

We haven’t forgotten about pancreatic cancer, but we’re having a hard time finding active bloggers within that community. If you know of any, please leave the link in comments.

Thanks, take care, and have a great weekend!

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