Cancer blog round up: February 3, 2011

This week we feature survivor blogs from a variety of cancer types including multiple myeloma, lymphoma, melanoma and breast, although many of the experiences they share are relatable across all cancer types. We also include a blog post from a supporter and Navigating Cancer member from a year ago that still resonates today.

You can find more personal cancer blogs listed in our cancer blog directory, which features over 100 blogs from individuals that have been affected by cancer.

Cancer Blog Round Up

  • Through sharing her experience “Exercise is Not Over-Rated”, Heather testifies to the physical exercise she chose to include during her treatment period with chemotherapy. With her positive gains attributed to exercising, Heather encourages everyone to get up and get moving!
  • In “Terrifying Yoga Epiphany of the Week” Miss Melanoma writes one of the most vulnerable and touching pieces about recognizing the power she’s given to fear, and her efforts to regain a confident hold on her life.
  • Casey has not had cancer, yet in the experience post “From the Outside of Cancer” relays how cancer still effects those who simply witness its presence.
  • The realm of mortality permeates life, and is more apparent to some, as noted by Chemobabe’s skillfully written post “Over Our Heads“.

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