Share Your Experience Contest


Navigating Cancer is having a contest! We’ve received so much positive feedback about your Shared Experiences on the website and we’d love to hear more about your journey with cancer. From now until May 1st, we’re inviting you to share three experiences on Navigating Cancer. Each shared experience enters you into a drawing to win a $100 gift card from … Read More

Navigating Cancer Interviews Drew Olanoff


Drew Olanoff’s cancer story began like many others:  he was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, and his life was changed forever. Figuring out what to do right after diagnosis can be emotional, not to mention overwhelming; there are family members to talk with, appointments to make, professional logistics to work out, and your own feelings to examine. Drew – blogger, Director … Read More

Cancer-Linked Gene Patents Denied


Guest blogger: Justin R. Jensen, Esq Patents on two genes linked to breast and ovarian cancer were struck down Monday by a Federal judge. If the 152-page decision is upheld, patents covering thousands of human genes may also be invalidated. Certain variations of the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes lead to an increased risk for breast and ovarian cancer. Women with … Read More

Support Made Easy


There have been a number of blog posts this month about Cleaning For A Reason, a non-profit organization that sets up free housecleaning for women undergoing treatment for cancer. Despite its exclusion of men, this is a phenomenal service that is desperately needed. How it works: The application process opens at 12noon Central Time, Monday through Thursday, and they accept … Read More

How To Live A Life After Treatment?


Guest Blogger: Kairol Rosenthal I was diagnosed with cancer at 27.  After treatment, I ditched my hospital gown and hit the road.  Traveling from the Big Apple to the Bible Belt, I recorded one-on-one conversations with 25 young adult cancer survivors who confessed to me experiences they had never shared with anyone else. I was surprised by how many patients … Read More

Patient Reported Outcomes

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I had an interesting conversation this week with Dr. Ethan Basch from Memorial Sloan Kettering.  He is a medical oncologist focused on prostate cancer and a leading researcher on the impact and value of patients reporting their treatment side effects and the impact that has on quality patient care. Recently he received a grant from the NCI to create patient … Read More

New Features to the Daily Health Tracker


We’re excited to announce some exciting new features to the Daily Health Tracker to make it easier to keep track of your health. We’re passionate about giving you easy to use tools to keep track of how you’re feeling, your symptoms and side effects from therapy and the medications your taking so you can easily stay in control and communicate … Read More

World Cancer Day


Backed by the International Union Against Cancer and the World Health Organization, February 4th has been named World Cancer Day. Cancer is becoming increasingly preventable but when it’s not, we want patients to be able to take control of their care. At Navigating Cancer, we are committed to help patients navigate their journey by providing the tools and resources necessary … Read More

What people are saying about Navigating Cancer


Interested in what people are saying about Navigating Cancer after our launch this week? Click on the links below to find out! Venture Beat – New site helps cancer patients network, improve treatments The Badass Geek – In Which I Give a Shout Out Death by Lettuce – Noteworthy: Navigating Cancer Projectline – Launching a New Community: An Interview with … Read More

The Launch of Navigating Cancer


Navigating Cancer has launched! We’re excited about being publicly available for cancer patients, survivors and their friends and family to better manage an overwhelming cancer diagnosis. Overwhelmed! What we continue to hear from patients is that a cancer diagnosis is overwhelming. Navigating Cancer is here to help! Whether it’s reading about the experiences of others, learning about your disease, keeping … Read More