Integrating Patient-Reported Outcomes in Cancer Care

Stephanie GingerPatient Reported Outcomes, Remote Monitoring, Symptom Management

If you’ve been paying attention to trends in the discussions around value-based cancer care, you’ve probably been hearing a good bit about electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePROs). At the National Oncology Conference, Dr. Ethan Basch, a leading patient-reported outcomes researcher, was the recipient of ACCC’s Clinical Research Award for his remarkable findings in that field. CMMI’s proposed successor to the Oncology … Read More

Personalized Medicine and Value-Based Care

Stephanie GingerPatient-centered Care, Value-based Care

How is personalized medicine impacting oncology? A panel at AJMC’s recent Patient-Centered Oncology Care Conference explored this topic. Payer, diagnostic, and advocacy representatives shared their perspectives in this discussion. What is personalized medicine? The panelists all agreed on a definition for personalized medicine: tailored, targeted therapies based on each individual patient’s needs. One panelist commented that personalized medicine leverages diagnostics … Read More

Future of Oncology Advanced Payment Models

Stephanie GingerPatient-centered Care, Value-based Care

The shift to value What’s next for oncology advanced payment models? That was the topic one panel tackled at AJMC’s recent Patient Centered Oncology Care Conference. The panel represented the provider, payer, and technology perspectives. There was agreement that the Oncology Care Model, while flawed, was a good first step in redefining cancer care. Rather than churning through patients to … Read More

Patient-Reported Outcomes and Value-Based Care

Stephanie GingerPatient Reported Outcomes, Value-based Care

Scientific research demonstrates that clinicians miss approximately half of patients’ symptoms during cancer treatment. As a result, patients can suffer due to poor symptom control, treatments may be delayed or missed, and preventable emergency room visits and hospitalizations occur. It is known that poorly controlled symptoms drive preventable ER visits. As more practices engage in value-based care agreements and explore … Read More

Keeping up with the rapidly changing landscape of cancer care

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The American Journal of Managed Care recently hosted the Patient-Centered Oncology Care Conference in Philadelphia. The theme of this meeting was “Innovation and Quality: New Direction in Value-Based Care” and it was comprised of a full day of presentations from thought leaders and panel discussions with key innovators in cancer care. Advancing Technologies for Cancer Detection and Care To open … Read More

Taking a Proactive Approach to Symptom Management

Stephanie GingerPatient Relationship Management, Patient Reported Outcomes

Advisory Board recently hosted a webinar that reviewed models and technologies that cancer programs have implemented for remote symptom monitoring. The Oncology Roundtable team shared their research and made a compelling business case for introducing remote symptom monitoring in cancer care.  The Importance Symptom Management Unnecessary emergency room (ER) visits and hospitalizations are on ongoing challenge. Advisory Board’s data group … Read More

2019 ACCC National Oncology Conference Roundup

Stephanie GingerNews, Value-based Care

The ACCC 36th National Oncology Conference was attended by hundreds of cancer care professionals and thought leaders. Over three days, attendees and presenters shared insights, experiences, and strategies for improving cancer care. Navigating Cancer’s team spoke to attendees in the exhibit hall about the challenges their programs are facing and how Patient Relationship Management technology can help solve challenges like … Read More

Transformative Care Models

Stephanie GingerValue-based Care

This session during the recent ACCC National Oncology Conference featured a look at new care models and practice transformations that have been prompted by value-based care and posed several questions for the audience to start the session. About half reported their program has recently been through a redesign and of those, most reported that it has been positive. Of the … Read More

Dr. Ethan Basch Receives Clinical Research Award

Stephanie GingerPatient Reported Outcomes, Remote Monitoring

Dr. Basch was the recipient of the Clinical Research Award at ACCC’s National Oncology Conference in Orlando last week. This award recognizes individuals whose research has significantly and positively impacted the oncology patient. Dr. Basch has done this with his work with public and private agencies to bring the patient voice into clinical research for safer drug development, improved quality … Read More

Lessons Learned from the Oncology Care Model

Stephanie GingerOncology Care Model

It probably comes as no surprise that the Oncology Care Model is still a hot topic among cancer care providers. This was underscored by the significant interest in a recent session at the ACCC National Oncology Conference in Orlando. The session prompted many questions that are likely familiar to care teams watching the value-based care landscape evolve: Are you considering … Read More