2020 Medicare physician fee schedule changes and value-based care

Susie BaficoChronic Care Management, MIPS, Value-based Care

In early November 2019, CMS finalized their 2020 Medicare physician fee schedule rule. CMS has set in motion changes that will affect value-based care over the next several years. The final rule addresses future changes for MIPS, including the introduction of MIPS Value Pathways for 2021, chronic care management code changes, and the revised structure for E&M codes. We are … Read More

Practice transformation in value-based cancer care

Susie BaficoValue-based Care

At the 2019 Association for Value-Based Cancer Care Summit this year, we sat in on this great panel called “Practice Transformation Embracing Clinical Decision Support Systems and Care Management Processes and Influence on Value Based Cancer Care.” In this post we’ll provide some of the highlights from this panel discussion. This panel discussion brought together key stakeholders in healthcare: Andrew … Read More

Community oncology perspectives on value-based cancer care

Susie BaficoValue-based Care

At the 2019 Association for Value-Based Cancer Care Summit this year, we sat in on a great panel called “Community Oncology Perspectives on Value-based Cancer Care” that focused on community oncology practices. At Navigating Cancer we support community oncology practices across the country, and we’re always looking to learn more. In this post we’ll provide an overview of some of … Read More

HHS announces proposed changes to laws to support value-based care

Susie BaficoValue-based Care

Leverage digital tools to improve cancer care

This week the Department for Health and Human Services (HHS) announced proposed rules that would update and clarify regulations for the Stark Law and the anti-kickback statute. HHS has acknowledged the rules as they currently stand were developed in a fee-for-service healthcare landscape, and they must be modified to fit the shift to value-based arrangements.  The Stark Law When the … Read More

Improving Care with the Oncology Care Model

Susie BaficoOncology Care Model, Value-based Care

A recent blog from the American Journal of Managed Care called “Lessons From the Field: How Practices Are Succeeding Under OCM,” recapped a discussion from NCCN’s policy summit with 2 organizations working to succeed in the Oncology Care Model (OCM). OCM practices are tasked with a transformation to a value-based model defined by improving patient care, reducing costs, and lowering … Read More

Measuring Success in Value-Based Care

Susie BaficoPatient Relationship Management, Value-based Care

Recently Definitive Healthcare hosted a virtual panel for the second session of their panel series focused on measuring success in value-based care. Three panelists from healthcare technology organizations participated and brought their unique perspectives on implementing value-based care initiatives to the conversation. This webinar focused on perspectives on value-based care across healthcare, from payers to providers to patients. Here are … Read More

Improving the early cancer patient experience

Susie BaficoPatient Engagement

The cancer patient journey begins well before the first appointment with an oncologist. In this year’s Advisory Board Cancer Patient Experience Survey, the results focused on what matters most to patients early in their cancer journey, and how providers can deliver better care at those early patient touch points. We reviewed the Advisory Board report with the 2019 survey results … Read More

The value of investing in remote symptom monitoring for your cancer patients

Susie BaficoPatient Relationship Management, Patient Reported Outcomes, Remote Monitoring, Symptom Management

A recent article from Advisory Board confirms what we’ve been advocating at Navigating Cancer for a while now: remote symptom monitoring is essential for improved patient outcomes. Symptom and side effect management can help reduce costs, improve quality of life, and help patients live longer. Advisory Board cites a recent study from France that supports this idea. The study looked at … Read More

The COA Oncology Care Model 2.0 webinar

Susie BaficoNews, Oncology Care Model, Patient-centered Care, Value-based Care

On Friday July 12, 2019, the Community Oncology Alliance (COA) held a webinar to review their proposed plan for the next iteration of the Oncology Care Model (OCM), OCM 2.0. Last month COA announced their full proposal for OCM 2.0, which was submitted to Physician-Focused Payment Model Technical Advisory Committee (PTAC). PTAC reviews the physician payment models for Medicare programs. … Read More